The Fourth Wall


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  • Genre: Platformer and Puzzle
  • Course: GAM 251
  • Release Date: 05-01-11

The Team

Logan Fieth

  • Role

    Design, Coding, Art, Music

  • Degree

    BA in Game Design

  • Other Credits


Justin Benjamin

Narration and Writing

Aleksander Hiebert


Let me make it simple: The Fourth Wall was made by DigiPen students, is incredibly smart, and it's free.


From the second I was dropped into the world without any explanation, to the moment the credits rolled across the screen, I was completely enthralled.

Glenn Meyer, Hex19

It's free, and it's utterly brilliant.

John Walker, RockPaperShotgun

A very well thought out primary game mechanic that is implemented correctly and successfully.

Razor , Retro Game Shelf

The game's mechanics are unique and fun enough to keep you playing again and again.

Josh B., Byte Size Gaming

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